What is "a thoughtful approach"?

Listen & Learn

We start all our projects off with a keen ear, holding intensive meetings with our clients and conducting research until we clearly understand their message. Most visitors are not experts on your story. Our job is to create experiences that give those visitors a chance to create their own meaningful connections with the storyline.

What's the Story?

Once the "big idea" is identified, we stay on point! Most visitors spend an average of only one hour touring an exhibit. Our job is to advance your story with a thoughtful approach by engaging the visitor along an organized, message-specific path. Aesthetics flow from contextual design—not the other way around!

Accessible Design

Some visitors read every word on every panel. Some focus on images. Others connect through materials, textures, reliefs, or interactive activities. Thoughtful design should offer many different means of accessing the same story, finding creative solutions that appeal to visitors of all types.

A Story Told Well

Your end product will always reflect the cornerstone of The Design Minds' approach to exhibit design—helping visitors make meaningful connections to the ideas, images, and objects that tell your story.